Dana A. Cope, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology. Biological Anthropologist, Vertebrate Paleontologist.
ADDRESS:  Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  College of Charleston
66 George St.
          Charleston, S.C.  29424

office: 88 Wentworth, Room 204.   phone:  (843) 953-1353 or 5738.   e-mail: coped@CofC.edu

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, August, 1989 (Biological Anthropology)
   Comprehensive examinations in skeletal biology and paleoanthropology
Dissertation: "Systematic Variation in Cercopithecus Dental Samples."

         M.A., University of Kansas, October, 1983. (Biological Anthropology)

B.G.S., University of Kansas, May, 1978.  (Anthropology)

 biological anthropology, vertebrate paleontology, primate evolution, human evolution, primate behavior,
skeletal biology, fossil species concepts, Late Cretaceous, Palocene and Eocene mammals, mammalian biostratigraphy, evolutionary theory, dental anthropology,  paleoecology, faunal analysis, anthropological theory.

 American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

 National Center for Science Education.

 Lambda AlphaNational Honor Society for Anthropology

Society for Vertebrate Paleontology

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